Anything but Average

Some amazing things have come out of Wallingford. For all those who think this place sucks, let us recap

1. Pat Mulane and Lee Moffie: Pat played for the US-20 team that won gold and is working his way to the NHL. Lee Moffie played for a US select team and was a captain at Michigan. Oh and he’s working his way to the NHL as well

2. Lyman Hall Alumni kill it. Dave Dempsey was a regular on TCCC all conference team for basketball. Jen Ruys is among the top all time scorers for Suffolk Basketball. Kyle Nisson was the hardest person to strike out in division 1 baseball at QU. Eric Thurston set records for swimming at my alma mater and is coaching at SDSU next year. Christ, even Tim Hines and Dimitri got athletic scholarships. Oh and Matt Esposito won his conference tournament and is headed for the Suffolk Hall of Fame once eligible. We’ve done alright. Not to mention Sheehan had Joel Rodriguez play for Puerto Rico’s national team and Connor Murphy play for Ireland’s.

3. What’s next? Great question. The potential in this town is brimming whether its inhabitants recognize it or not. And this is the point of my entry that I enjoy the most. I have the pleasure of providing you the next big thing Wallingford can claim as its latest accomplishment: The CRAFT

The CRAFT is a musical group that features my friend and neighbor, Luigi Ferraro. Luigi is an honest, fun and carefree individual. Many people go through life attempting to separate their personality from their place of business. Not Luigi, however. His light spirited personality seeps through into his music. You can hear it in the way he plays the electric guitar. When I was first told to listen to this group, I was skeptical. My college years had been littered with aspiring artists who thought they were musicians because they played the acoustic guitar in the quad during Reading Day. I thought this would be another group of burnouts that were using music to clutch onto their college years that had escaped ever so quickly.

How wrong was I.

This group, composed of Malachi Dee, Luigi Ferraro, among others has something real. I cannot put it into words, but they have it. They have purpose. They have a sense of pride. They have a delicate temperament when creating their music. And all of this can be heard in their songs. Many aspiring artists will do whatever it takes to make it. They will change their image and sound; compromising their very identity as a musical group. But not this group, however. The CRAFT makes music for them, and fans cannot help but relate. It is an expression of themselves. And it is this very expression that makes their music relatable to everyone.

Today’s artists view music as an escape. For example, artists such as Drake and B.O.B and 2 Chainz often brag about their riches. The same theme of wealth can be heard in their chart topping hits. As working and middle class listeners, we like this music because it is an escape. We hear the lyrics and dream of something we want. This my friends, is fear. The CRAFT is special because they do not provide a temporary, acoustic escape. They have the audacity and grit to address common feelings and problems that affect each of us everyday. If you want proof, listen to Call Me and The Lion in Me. Their music is confrontation; an addressing of real life situations that real people go through.

To quote my favorite TV show The Office “Real art takes courage.” This quotation is more than appropriate when discussing The CRAFT.

Let’s recap the recap:

Wallingford is awesome. We have a unique knack for talent. Furthermore, we have a tight bond that wants to see others succeed at their dreams. The Ferraro family has been in my life for a while now. I went to school with Andrea since Kindergarten. I’ve cheered on Felicia at her basketball games and cannot wait to support her when her latest musical ambitions come into fruition. I’ve had Mike over at my house at RWU and helped him when he needed anything. Even though I hadn’t seen Luigi in a while, the other day at the bar he came up to me like we had just hung out the night before.

A genuine person who makes genuine music. Check out his band. They sound like Dave Matthews Band but they are anything but a carbon copy of the influential band.

You can check them out here

…and if you like them then like their facebook page under “The CRAFT”

But most of all, recognize the potential in this town and this band. Oh and its Luigi’s birthday today so listen to his music!


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