Books and Covers and Karma and Volleyball and Work and Stuff

Get ready for the “ultimate don’t judge a book by its cover and if you you do then prepare to suffer the consequences” story of all time

Seriously thought its pretty great.

Story time brought to you by Bristol on the 4th “bring nothing to the bar, lose nothing at the bar”

When I was a junior my friends and I thought we were pretty cool. At least I did. And we are kind of cool. But anyways we were a bunch of transfers who magically met each other and fit better than K Dash in leggings. So one night we were bored in new res and decided to have a little shin dig. Seeing as how just about no one ever has parties in new res, it is safe to say we were temporarily the coolest kids on the block. Anyways our party was fun and around midnight or one the RAs came through and told us to tone it. So we obliged and ended up sending everyone home. After everyone left, we decided to stay up and keep hanging out. The night was a lot of fun and we did not want it to be over yet. Next thing you know, there is a knock on our door.

We open the door and a couple of people are standing there. It was Leo and his lovely girlfriend and I think one more of his friends. Now for those who don’t…Leo is the ripped big kid at Roger who also has a twin that is similarly ripped and big. Regardless, Leo and friends walked into our room and were just chilling and talking to a few people. We told them that the RAs kicked everyone out and they left peacefully. Now me, and a certain partner in crime who won’t be named but is about 5’9″, has a slight beer belly that he is proud of and almost went blind via spray paint, decided to start chirping at Leo on his way out. Bad idea.

Our thought process ” Hey, we’re in our room, with our friends, who are kind of big themselves, lets chirp this gymrat for no reason at all.” See Leo is massive and we just assumed he was some toolbag. I believe I yelled something along the lines of “Hey, where are you going the gym is closed.” I thought it was funny and so did Hom Terring. Leo did not. For my Boston accent friends let me rephrase, “Leo did nawt.” Leo turned around an barged in our room. He was rightfully confronting the idiots who made fun of him for no reason. Me a Mr. Unnamed instantly got behind Ryan Abernethy seeing he is a human destroyer. Leo and Ryan talked it out and everything ended up being cool. So when does the story become good Spo?

Last summer I worked at Roger Williams. One of the people I was fortunate to work with was Leo (among Pinocchio, Fish, Vanilla Ice, Hernia and Peanut.) It was undoubtedly the best summer of my life. You cannot call it “work” when you see your friends every single day. Anyways, Leo and I became really close friends. Even today he’s still my dude. Which reminds me I have to call that meatwad sometime soon. Anyways, everyday I hoped he would never bring up the time I bullied him in new res. Ya, he did one day. And he should have. I apologized again and he was really cool about it. But the lesson here is seriously, do not judge a book by its cover. Leo is jacked and lives at the gym so people are quick to call him a tool. That could not be farther from the truth. People always want to start fights with the kid for no reason and he genuinely tries to avoid them. Leo is always down for a good time and is the first person to greet you with a beer once you walk into his dorm. Oh, and the dude is just nice! I mean he always would text me after a party at my house and be so grateful I let him come over. Like guy, you’re my boy you don’t even have to ask, the invite in permanent. So long story short, I made fun of one of my closest friends before I even knew him. If I had not been a jerk to him we could of began our great friendship a year earlier which would have been incredible. Wait Espy, where does volleyball and karma fit it?

So about a couple months after the dorm room chirping incident, my boys and I went outside in the new res to the volleyball court to play some volleyball. Now who was I matched up against? Leo, naturally. So Leo and I were facing each other around the net on the front line or whatever they call it. The ball goes in the air and we begin play. The ball comes right to the net, a point where either Leo or I could spike it. We both went up for the spike but only one of us got to the ball. And it was Leo. And the ball hit my face. And I dropped to the ground. And I got sand in my mouth. And everyone laughed at me. I specifically remember after the game, turning to Ryan and saying “Hey, that’s Karma. Shouldn’t of made fun of that dude.”

Lesson: Do not judge a book by its cover or else you will get spiked by a volleyball in the face for karma punishment!

Seriously though, Leo is a great dude and people rag on hm for no reason. And they don’t even know him. Get to the know the guy and his great brother and their friends. Stay away from Dorn and his dad though. (that’s and inside joke)



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